About IESL WA Chapter

Western Australia Chapter of the Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka (IESL WA) was established in May 2014. Its primary objective is to cater for the needs of the current IESL members residing in the state of Western Australia (WA), as well as to facilitate its growth by way of promoting and catering to potential members in WA.

Western Australia, being the largest state in Australia and the second largest country subdivision in the world, with numerous natural energy resources & minerals, has given rise to a place rich in Engineering infrastructure & Engineering culture. As such, Engineers in all disciplines with Sri Lankan heritage working here have a good opportunity to benefit from the IESL WA chapter. Further, the potential benefits for both countries, Sri Lanka, and Australia, are noteworthy too.

IESL WA Chapter endeavors to provide its members a forum to foster the Engineering ideals and ethics in a friendly environment. The chapter is working closely with the parent body to help Sri Lanka & WA, by disseminating the wealth of knowledge and experience of all our members. 

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